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The Romford Dragon has just landed

Welcome to the Romford Dragon, a brand-new Chinese Takeaway in Harold Park. Delivering scrumptious Chinese food to the locals of Romford and Essex, we are excited for you to try us out! Whether you’re after some traditional Chow Mein or something British with a Chinese twist, our team of experienced chefs got your cravings covered.

For any occasion be it a meal for the whole family as you watch a movie, a romantic dinner with the other half, or for the times you just want it all to yourself, we won’t judge!

Ordering is super easy, you can make an order here, download our app, and with a few taps we’ll have food delivered right to your door. Or you can just give us a bell on: 01708-381818, we’d love to hear from you!

Give us a try today by making your first order and we will give you something special! 😉

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Special Set Dinner

For One Person (All in One Container)
All Dishes Come With Fried Rice or Soft Noodles (Large)

  • Sweet & Sour Chicken(cantonese Style)£5.50
  • Chicken with Green Papper in Black Bean Sauce £5.50
  • Roast Pork in BBQ Sauce£5.50
  • Chicken Curry£5.50
  • Beef Curry£5.50
  • King Prawn in Oyster Sauce£5.50

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Recommended Set Meals

(Any Changes may incur a charge)

For 1 Person…………………………… £7.40

chicken Chop Suey
Sweet & Sous Pork Balls(5)
Egg Fried Rice

For 2 Person…………………………… £15.80

Pancake Rolls (2)
Chicken Chinese Style
Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls(10)
Special Fried Rice

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