Chinese Takeaway Delivering in Havering

The Romford Dragon is now serving everyone nearby Havering!


How could we leave out our very own borough of Havering?

Here is one spot you cannot argue if it’s in Essex or London: it’s in the name, the London Borough Of Havering! However, we are mainly focusing on the Havering area of the center of Romford and not the borough as a whole.


Why Order from Us?

We get it, being in the center of town, you are spoiled with your choice of different takeaways and eateries; just take a step onto Western Road, and you are presented with restaurants and pubs galore! Even takeaways, you have loads to pick from. We are different, because we do not only cook delicious Chinese food, but we are extremely communicative with our customers as well. Do not believe us? Do a search for your local Chinese takeaway in Havering see how many respond to their reviews. Now do a Google  on us; we respond to everyone good or bad as we believe in getting to know our customers so we can serve them better. Oh, apart from that, we also cook pretty good food, give great discounts, and more importantly deliver to your area! Without making this sound even more like a annoying ad, than it is already turning out to be; try us out for the first time and 20% is on us.


Delivery Time to Havering

Slightly further out than our other delivery areas, being 4 miles away, it should take on average 12 to 15 minutes to deliver Chinese food to the locals in Havering. This is not including preparation, cooking time and traffic conditions of course.

Please note, during busier times such as the weekend or special holidays; wait times can be considerably more. our tip is to order during the week after 8PM.


Driving Directions to Havering

From the Romford Dragon, we would drive south-west Colchester Road, at the roundabout, depending what part of RM1 your postcode is in, will eater take the exit towards Upper Brentwood Road or onto the A12.

These directions are a rough estimate, and you should always use your GPS for more accurate information.


Delivery Postcodes in Havering

The RM1 postcode is the main one for this area; if your address begins with RM1 there is a good chance we deliver to you! 🏍️


Hot Spots in Havering

being in the heart of Romford Town Centre, there is inherently a lot of popular services and landmarks, if you are near these places, there is a good chance we offer delivery to you:

The London Borough Of Havering Town Hall, where all the important decisions are made by our council.

Romford Station, where you catch your Crossrail train *ahem* into London or Southend.

The Liberty Shopping Centre, where we are all guilty in spending too much time and money in… 😱

Queen’s Hospital, the guys over there do an exceptional job keeping all of us safe.


If you read all the way to the end, you must be very hungry; order your Chinese food in Havering now!