A new Chinese Takeaway Coming Near You in Romford

Hello hello, 👋🏻 we would just like to introduce ourselves as we are still new to the area.

We are a small family who recently moved into the area and decided to bring to the lovely people of Romford some more Chinese food. Our business might be new, but we have been running takeaways for the last 30 years, so you are in safe hands!

Another Chinese Takeaway? Don’t we have enough of them already?

I know, but surprisingly small family ran Chinese takeaways are declining. This is mainly due to the new generation of children not being interested in the Chinese takeaway industry (personal opinion, they are scarred from the times their parents asked them to help out in the shop 😏)

On top of this, there’s modernisation, the Chinese are a very conservative bunch and they don’t like change very much,  all these apps, online ordering malarkey, is getting way too technical!

Despite the Chinese restaurants and takeaways dwindling there is still a huge demand for Chinese food; in fact, Chinese food remains the British’s favourite cuisine, and on Deliveroo alone sales have jumped by 136% in the last year.

This is where the Romford Dragon swoops in, we believe in innovating, bringing wonderful Chinese food to the locals of Romford and Essex in a multitude of ways, from a classic phone call to our very own app. We have even partnered with companies like Just Eat because we know a lot of you use them, even though you shouldn’t…

It is unusual for a takeaway to have a blog, but we would like to communicate better with our customers and provide you with a little something to read as you order your Chinese food, so expect this blog to be updated,  and to insure you get the latest, follow us on our social media. See? Innovating!

That’s all for now, I won’t keep you any longer as I’m sure you are ready to order after my ramblings…

Oh yeah, just one more thing, as a welcome gift, I will be giving 20% off of your first order with us, give us a try by making an order now!

4 replies on “A new Chinese Takeaway Coming Near You in Romford”

Tried you guys last week, banging food, such big portions had enough for tomorrow, still tasted fab reheated. We will be leaving our old takeaway of 10 years for you guys, keep up the great job!

Hey Kevin, apologies for the late response, been super busy 😆

Wow, that is wonderful to hear 👂
Please let us know if any improvement need to be done, we are always listening

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