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A Chinese Takeaway Now Offering Contactless Delivery to locals nearby

We understand a lot of people will be unwilling to go out during these difficult times to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, we understand, and we will be there for those who need a food delivery in Romford.

To protect all of our customers and staff, we will be offering contactless delivery, as well as extra cleaning and sanitisation of our kitchen.

How Does Contactless Deliveries Work?

You make the order as normal, through the phone or online and we deliver the food.

As our driver reaches your home, they will knock on your door or ring your doorbell to let you know the food has arrived. They will then step back as you open the door and pick up the food. Please note as Uber uses their own drivers, so make sure you follow Uber’s instructions on contactless delivery.

How Can You Help?

We encourage our customers to use card payments during these times as it means we won’t be handling physical money, but for those who has no choice, please place cash or tips once you received the food back out and step back into your home.

Communication is key, so insure you write down any instructions in the notes part of the app or tell us over the phone. Also ensure your number is correct, just in case we have to call you.

We understand these are difficult times, and we would just like to say we will be there for everyone in Romford, and thank you as we all help defeat Coronavirus!


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