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Our End of year Recap

🎵 Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UUUUUS! Happy birthday to us.  🎵

Alright, technically it isn’t really our birthday, as we opened on the 25th of January and not the 12th of February. However, in the lunar calendar it was Chinese New Year on the 25th January 2020, and Lunar New year is on the 12th this year, so let’s go with that, and not because I was too late to post this! 😳

Well, we made it… Probably one of the worst years to start a Chinese takeaway… When I wrote our first ever post back in 2020; I did say one of the reasons why I opened the Romford Dragon despite it being difficult to run a Takeaway is because I love the challenge, someone obviously read the post, and went “Hmmm, challenge, eh?”

We started pretty well, with our buy one get one free offer, people were super supportive and made us feel very welcome!

Admittedly, orders began to trickle down during March, not helped by the media and people who think ordering Chinese from a takeaway in Romford, will give you Corona. Sorry folks, we only throw in free crackers or drinks, no matter how many times you ask…

At the end of March, we had a huge dilemma, should we remain open or close?

Being new, would people remember us when we reopen?

Totally gutted, we decided to close, 🔒 as we didn’t know much about the virus, and believed this will help limit the spread.

However, no rest for the wicked, we remained productive during the lockdown, renovating, ⚒️ so we have a better workplace when we reopen. We have also been keeping up with government guidelines, 🧠 as confusing as they are, to get us a little more clued up with how to protect everyone once we open.

After 3 months of Covid school, we felt ready!

We reopened at the end of June. 🔓 Our worries were unfounded, as the Sunday, you were hot on that order button, making it the most busiest day yet!

It was plain sailing from then, we created a Covid page to communicate with you guys better; and we ended the year with a bang! With another busy Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

The future

It has been a difficult year, but we quite like it here in Harold Hill, so sorry everyone, the Romford Dragon is here to stay!

We would like to share some updates with you though:

Corona Virus

Might as well get this out of the way, we are not out of it yet, and won’t be until the end of the year, please continue to help us by reading our Coronavirus page, communicating with us, and more importantly, being patient with your orders; basically what you have been doing so far!

Menu Prices

Another thing we have to get out of the way, we had to increase the prices on our menu. This is due to the increase in prices from our supplier, this could be down to Brexit, we didn’t ask, but it seems to be the main reason for everything else increasing, so we will just go with that shall we?

Before you close this page with absolute disgust, and vowing to never order from us again, we have GOOD NEWS!

Signup Discount

Here is some good news, if you are new, our 20% sign up discount is here to stay!

All first orders made on our app or here on the site will give you 20% off, no matter the amount.

New Romford Dragon 2021 Menu

When we opened, our main goal was to expose everyone in Romford to new and different Chinese and Asian cuisine. Apart from the typical Chinese food you get in any other Chinese takeaway nearby; like your Egg Fried Rice and Chicken Chow Mein, we’ve included some more authentic dishes such as Dim Sum; and you loved it! We like having you on board with feedback, so we asked you what would you like us to add, and you took on the challenge! From more authentic Asian foods, to missing Chinese dishes from other takeaways; we got so much feedback. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to add them all, but we tried our best! You can learn more about each dish we added here.

Well, that is our first year’s wrap up, hope you enjoy reading this as much as you enjoy our food. We will continue to keep everyone updated.

I know most of my posts are quite informal and not very serious, but I would just like to close this post with all seriousness:

Thank you. Thank you so much for supporting us in our first year, despite the challenges.

Thank you for leaving us a positive review on Google, TripAdvisor and other platforms.

Thank you for telling your friends and neighbors to try us out.

And thank you for making an order, every order supports our family and our staff.

Thank you, and here to many more orders with the Romford Dragon!


~Alex, Alice and the rest of the Romford Dragon Team 🐉 💁‍♀️ 👨‍🍳 🚴

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